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DPL Alumnus Raul Mondesi gets the call-up for the 2015 World Series

The American League Champions, Kansas City Royals announced today that their #1 Prospect, SS Raul Mondesi will be making his way to the biggest stage in all of baseball. Mondesi will be making his highly anticipated debut in the 2015 World Series.

Mondesi has performed as expected throughout his career. As an amateur, scouts projected that he would be an impact player at the MLB level, and a potential All-Star caliber SS. He has performed offensively as well as defensively. His athletic build, complemented by his outstanding range will ensure his success at the MLB level. Although Mondesi has not made an MLB appearance, his development and performance have earned him an opportunity to become an MLB champion before playing his first regular season game.

The Dominican Prospect League congratulates Raul for his achievements and wishes him continued success!

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