Yeffri DeAza-SS 2013

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Yeffri DeAza-SS R/R 5’11” 175lb DOB 1-14-1997 Santo Domingo DR

Trainer: Pedro “Nube” Nivar

DeAza’s most standout tool is his bat; He participated in the 2012 Power-Showcase event hosted at Marlins Park by qualifying in December at the DPL/Power-Showcase where he held his own; he hit 7-HR in the qualifying rounds, one of which was measured at 450ft. Yeffri was also selected to the 2013 DPL All-Star game and selected to the 2013 DPL Elite Travel Team.

DeAza has bat speed and barrel whip from a slight wrapped start, and a surprising amount of hand strength for his size and age. The result of his physical ability allows him to hit some very hard line drives and show his power potential. He’s a gamer who can put the ball in play gap to gap with occasional power. Defensively he has the foot work, hand quickness and arm strength to project and continue to improve. He runs a 6.8 -60 yard dash.



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