Lewin Diaz OF 2013

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Lewin Diaz -OF 6’4, 210lb (DOB 9- 19-1996) Santiago, DR

Trainer: William Valdez

Diaz is listed at 6-foot-4, 190-pounds, but that is his trainer’s fantasy, as he’s a seriously big and strong 16-year old with a thick power hitter’s core. While there is lots of projection to most of the Dominican’s power, understandable for 15- and 16-year olds, there is very little projection needed for Diaz. He has man strength now and hits massive bombs in batting practice from a pretty good fundamental swing that doesn’t sell out completely to pull and lift the ball. The DPL directors tell me that Diaz stands out back home for his ability to take his hitting tools into games, which is a huge part of the purpose and goal of the DPL to evaluate. He’s an average overall athlete who will eventually end up at first base in a Ryan Howard type build and overall profile.

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