Amaurys Minier-SS 2012

Trainer: Jaime Ramos
6-2/200, S/R, 1/30/96, San Cristobal, DR
PG Grade: 10

Minier is a very difficult player to scout and get a firm feel for, much like OF Jose Pujols (below). He is playing out of position in the middle of the field on the ill-advised requirement of his trainer in the Dominican, as he has a third base build with a thick lower half and 7.12 speed. He does have good lateral mobility, soft hands and 90 mph arm strength across the infield, and he would be best served by playing third base full-time right now and letting scouts see him at his future position.

Minier is a legitimate switch-hitter who has the same type of bat speed and power from both sides of the plate, a real rarity in any 16-year old switch-hitter, but even more so for a player with plus/plus power potential. His left handed swing is more polished right now and he takes most of his BP swings left handed, but it is easy to see that with more frequent repetitions from the right side there would be little difference in his relative ability. Minier will get pull happy at times and his best swings are when he’s driving the ball to the alleys and not opening up his front side early. In addition, the alleys get much closer when he’s swinging than they do for most hitters.

The issue with Minier is how well he sees the ball at the plate. He doesn’t track the ball well and is pretty helpless on offspeed stuff at present. He’s even a severe keyhole hitter during batting practice. It’s something that has to be addressed at some point. But on raw tools, Minier is as high a ceiling prospect as you will find and will probably be paid accordingly.

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