Raiby Barias-SS 2012

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6-1/175, R/R, 9/29/95, Bani, DR

Trainer: Rafael “Spilman” Montero
PG Grade: 8.5

Barias has solid middle infield actions and tools, with his best single tool being his raw arm strength. He’s a bit awkward in his exchange and arm action but they work for him and he makes the routine plays without any problem. His right handed swing comes from a high hand set and is somewhat rotational, but he stays on a line-drive plane with the ball and has some present bat speed.

He’s a 7.23 runner right now and doesn’t have the athletic stride to project to get much faster as he gets stronger, so shortstop range could become a question. Barias is a solid player but it’s a testament to the overall quality of the DPL talent that he falls near the bottom of this prospect list.

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