Octavis Lugo-SS 2012

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6-1/165, R/R, 11/19/95, Neyba, DR

Trainer: Adolfo Burgos
PG Grade: 9.5

Octavis’s physical tools match up well defensively with other DPL middle infielders such as Richard Urena and Yancarlos Baez. He’s a 6.78 runner with a quick first step, an exceptionally quick release at times and plenty of arm strength to stay at shortstop. However, Octavis doesn’t have the same level of skills and fundamentals yet, especially when it comes to his footwork, and is often caught between steps or off balance on plays.

Offensively, Octavis does a very good job of keeping his hands above the ball in his swing and staying away from the common Dominican hand hitch to start his swing. He does have a deep handset and a long stride to the ball, which creates some length that he doesn’t have the strength to compensate for yet. All the tools are there for Octavis to become a solid professional player, it just might take a bit longer than his DPL middle infield peers.

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