Julio DelaCruz-3B 2012

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6-1/190, R/R, 10/5/95, Yamasa, DR

Trainer: Luis Polonia
PG Grade: 9.5

Delacruz has a combination of a thick, strong core and lower half and a more slender upper half, with long arms for his height. He’s a 6.87 runner with easy defensive actions at third base, very soft hands and plenty of raw arm strength. He’s not as physically talented defender as Joaquin Delacruz (below) at third base, but should be a solid average defender at the position in the future.

Offensively, Delacruz has a very good weight shift through contact and uses his hips and lower half very well in generating bat speed. He has a bit of a hand hitch getting his swing started and will get long and loopy at times, especially when looking to pull the ball, but is an advanced hitter who can drive the ball hard to the alleys and occasionally lift the ball out of the park.

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