Joaquin Delacruz-3B 2012

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6-3/170, R/R, 10/13/95, San Pedro de Macoris, DR

Trainer: Nicolas
PG Grade: 9.5

Having Joaquin Delacruz and Julio Delacruz lining up at third base next to each other created an occasional confusing moment, but the two players are different types of athletes and prospects, making it a bit easier to identify them.

Joaquin Delacruz has a taller and leaner build that is often more associated with outfielders. He doesn’t have an outfielder’s speed at 7.49 in the 60, but has a very quick first step defensively and far ranging actions on ground balls. His hands are soft and fluid and he has very good arm strength from an over the top release point. Defense is not going to be a problem at the professional level.

Delacruz’s right handed swing will take more refining, though. He has the leverage and raw bat speed to be a hitting prospect, but is inconsistent in his present approach, leading to some long and fruitless swings. Delacruz has a big deep hand load to set up his swing and doesn’t start his swing path from a consistent point. When he’s hitting with his hands above the ball and driving it to the middle of the field the ball explodes off the barrel hard.

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