Frandy Delarosa-SS 2012

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6-0/160, S/R, 1/24/96, Comendador, DR

Trainer: Valentin Monero

PG Grade: 9.5

Delarosa has outstanding middle infield skills and may have the quickest and softest hands of the group, but falls behind some others in the prospect department due to his lack of present run/throw tools. That isn’t to say that he won’t improve in those areas in the future, as he just turned 16-years old. But Delarosa ran a 7.33 60 without a clean stride and topped out at 79 mph throwing across the infield. He projects as a second baseman due to his arm strength but has a lightning quick double play turn due to his hands.

Delarosa’s hand speed shows at the plate as well, especially from the left side. He has a drifting load, not uncommon among the Dominican hitters, but keeps his hands back well and explodes them at the ball at the last minute. He lacks the strength to drive the ball consistently in game action, although he flashed pull power in batting practice, but squares the ball up well and will continue to improve as he gets stronger.



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