Enmanuel Tapia-OF/1B 2012

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6-2/220, L/L, 2/26/96, Santo Domingo, DR

Trainer John Harada

PG Grade 8.5

Tapia is an absurdly strong young man, with square shoulders, thick hips and well defined muscles. He has a short swing for his size and the ball comes off the barrel very hard when he squares it up. Tapia starts with his hands low in his swing and raises them up at the last second, which makes his timing frequently late and means most of his solid contact on fastballs to the left side. It also resulted in a couple of good swings against offspeed pitches when he was getting his hands started late.

Tapia played some outfield but is a 7.27 runner with marginal arm strength and will likely be limited to first base at the professional level. Scouts will compare him to Leury Vargas among the DPL players, with Vargas having the edge in most areas.

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