Deivi Grullon-C 2012

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5-11/195, R/R, 2/17/96, Bonao, DR

Trainer: Coronado
PG Grade: 10

Grullon suffered a hairline ankle fracture on the DPL’s last day in Florida and, and like Wendall Rijo, wasn’t able to play in Arizona, which is unfortunate for both he and the scouts. He has a classic catcher’s build, with a thick trunk and heavy thighs and above average present strength, but has surprising one spot lower half quickness behind the plate and is an exceptional blocker. In fact, Grullon will get flashy blocking the ball at times and will trust his hands too much, much like a shortstop fielding a ground ball. Grullon’s raw arm strength is exceptional. We did not get a radar gun reading on the velocity of his throws, but they were comfortably in the mid-80s if one had to make a professional guess. He does have a hitch in his throwing release which keeps his pop times consistently around 1.95, but that is only a very minor concern.

Offensively, Grullon has some length in his swing but has the strength to create raw bat speed and shows gap power. Most impressively, he showed a very good ability to make adjustments to his swing within an at-bat and was one of the few DPL hitters with a two-strike approach. That kind of aptitude bodes well for his future development.

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