Bienvenido Morales-LHP 2012

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6-2/170, L/L, 6/26/96, Cibao, DR

Trainer: John Harada
PG Grade: 9.5

Morales has the familiar 6-food-2, 170-pound loose build for a young Dominican pitching prospect but had a different arm action than his peers. He throws from a compact, quick three-quarters arm stroke that hides the ball well and creates lots of deception on release. Morales doesn’t look like he’s throwing hard but the radar gun said 87-89 mph and that’s very good velocity for a 15-year old southpaw.

His breaking stuff was less impressive and it may take lots of work and repetitions to develop consistency with his release point when spinning the ball. He threw both an 80 mph slider and a 73 mph curveball but both were flat and loose. Morales did show some feel for an 81 mph changeup which could become a valuable pitch for him.

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