Alberto Sanchez-3B 2012

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6-0/180, R/R, 2/14/96, Oviedo, DR
PG Grade: 9

Sanchez has a mature body for his age with good physical strength, especially in his hands and shoulders. He shows much better in games than in workouts and is one of the most mature hitters on the team, with a short and crisp right handed swing that produces consistent line drive contact against good stuff. He has present gap power but doesn’t have much loft in his swing and will be more of a high average, doubles type of hitter who will draw some walks and rarely strike out.

Sanchez is a 7.1 runner who is a get-the-job-done type defender at third base. He is somewhat awkward in his footwork at the ball and has a pie throwing type arm action, but registers 86 mph on the gun across the infield and makes all the routine plays. Teams that traditionally spend their draft money on college players will likely be the most interested in Sanchez. He doesn’t have a high ceiling physically but his maturity on the field and ability to hit and make contact right away in professional ball will serve him well.

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