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Luis Barrera-OF 2012

6-1/185, L/L, 11/15/95, Tamboril, DR

Trainer: Quico Pena
PG Grade: 9.5

There is no player on the DPL roster that generated a bigger difference of opinion between the three Perfect Game scouts and the scouts who are responsible for signing players from the Dominican Republic. According to the DPL officials, Barrera is considered a top 5-to-7 talent among the DPL players and is in constant demand for workouts when scouting directors and cross checkers are in the country. When the three PG scouts turned in their top prospect lists, Barrera didn’t rank in the top 10 on any list and was 18th on one.

Barrera is a hitter. He has a mature, somewhat thick build with very good present strength and limited projection. His left handed swing is neither smooth nor easy, with big rotation and lots of moving parts and effort. But when you watch him hit over an extended period of games, it’s easy to notice that all he does is mash the ball. And it doesn’t matter if it is against a right hander or left hander, a flame thrower or junk baller, Barrera consistently hits the ball hard. He tries to hit the ball hard and expects to hit the ball hard. He’s the type of hitter who when he strikes out, he probably thinks, “the pitcher got lucky, I’m going to destroy him the next at bat.” One MLB scout remarked in Arizona, “He’s a pedigree hitting guy. His doesn’t really have the tools but if you put him in the ACC or SEC he’s going to hit .375 for three years. All he does is hit.”

Barrera’s other tools aren’t bad taken in context. He splits time between first base and right field and is a 7.14 runner. He threw 89 mph from the outfield in Arizona but his release is slow and labored and his throws have a huge tail that makes them difficult to control with consistent accuracy.

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