The Phillies and Jose Pujols agree to a Power pact

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Jose Pujols


Jose Pujols had the most impressive raw power in the Dominican Prospect League. He’s been showing jaw dropping HR’s since he was 15 years old. In 2011 Pujols won the DPL Power-Showcase Home Run derby as an underclassmen, belting balls further than the 2011 senior class players the likes of Ronald Guzman, Franmil Reyes and Hersin Martinez. This year Pujols was selected to the 2012 DPL All-Star Game and took part in the DPL Elite Travel Team. During the spring training tour he continued to wow spectators in attendance with his impressive BP sessions, hitting one ball out of the RedSox spring training stadium (Jetblue Park) through dead center field. The Phillies took notice of his power, athletic build, and projection as they continued to follow him throughout the rest of the DPL season. Pujols and the Phillies agreed to a contract value of $600,000.00 ($540,000.00 cash plus $60,000 in college scholarship).

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies, Pedro Nivar, and the Pujols family.



Perfect Game scouting report

6-4/185, R/R, 9/29/95, Santo Domingo, DR
Trainer: Pedro “Nube” Nivar
PG Grade: 10

Pujols is one of the more difficult players to scout in the DPL group and there is a significant difference of opinion on him among scouts. On the plus side, Pujols has a big and very projectable athletic build and should end up in the 6-foot-5, 225-pound type range. He runs the 60 in 6.88 seconds and has right field type arm strength with improvement in his throwing fundamentals and footwork.

On the plus/plus side, Pujols has the type of raw power you rarely see in a teenager. He hits balls in BP to the middle of the field that are routinely 400-plus feet making it scary to think about his power when he matures physically (Giancarlo Stanton is a name that has been mentioned). While some hitters have bat speed, Pujols has bat acceleration. He gets it moving the quickest right in the middle of the hitting zone. On the negative side, Pujols has a somewhat unconventional swing that has surprisingly little extension for a power hitter and isn’t on plane with the ball long through the zone. Game contact is a definite issue right now and could be for some time.


4 Responses to “The Phillies and Jose Pujols agree to a Power pact”

  1. Jose

    Very good. He’s going to an organization that knows how to develop raw players and he got nice money for him and his family. Congrats.

  2. JeanRoy Torres

    Jose estamos tan feliz por ti. Gracias a Dios. De la familia Torres.

  3. Familia Pereyra Suarez

    Felicidades mi querido Jose y a usted madrecita fajadora, que se ha mantenido luchando al lado de su hijo. Dios los ha recompensado. Que Dios le permita ser un gran triunfador, que siga adelante y ponga en alto la patria, la madre que lo trajo al mundo y a la institucion que lo formó.

  4. Liscar

    Tu sabe klk manin,mete Mano que quiero berte en
    En la mayores, tu contento por ti, y por mi Tia
    Que siempre te appellaron como E, toy en AAA,
    Ponte Ready que te quiero pichar en la
    Mayore, u know then we love u


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