Miguel Munoz Rodriguez agrees with the NY Yankees

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Miguel Munoz Rodriguez trained with Alberto Arias in Santo Domingo in a sector called Los Trinitarios. Alberto’s program is well know in the international circle, he has developed many professional players, most notable Cincinnati Reds Juan Duran who signed in 2008 for $2 million and helped a young man looking to go to college named Albert Pujols. Arias also coached the DPL Elite Travel Team in 2012.

During the 2012 season Munoz was selected to the DPL Elite Travel Team and the DPL All-Star Game. He was eligibility to sign started last July, once the signing period began he was eager to start his professional career as most of his DPL teammates in 2012. He worked hard to prove he was worth the investment by a MLB team, he showed more consistency and his tools were undeniably better. During the DPL’s Louisville Slugger Tournament Series the Yankees decided to give him the opportunity.

6-2/175, R/R, 12/27/95, Samana, DR

Trainer: Alberto Arias

Perfect Game Scouting Report / PG Grade 9

Munoz is a very intriguing prospect but might be the farthest away from being able to compete professionally at this point. In fact, he might be a player that is better off waiting a year to mature and develop his skills before signing. Munoz’s outfield tools and skills are very good, although he shows some young immaturity in maintaining game concentration on all plays. He has good hands at the ball and made some nice running catches with his glove/arm outstretched. His throwing arm and release are loose and easy and he showed well above average accuracy both in drills and on his game throws, which was impressive.

Munoz’s right handed swing and overall approach, along with the fact he was wearing  is very reminiscent to Alfonso Soriano. He has a drifting swing with an early lower half but a loose, extended swing that generates huge power to right centerfield in particular. Unfortunately, there isn’t an offering in a game that a pitcher can throw that Munoz won’t swing at. High fastball, fastball in the dirt, outside fastball, curveball anywhere, Munoz is going to take a full hack. While that’s also something that Soriano does, Munoz has yet to learn how to dominate the fastball that wanders over the middle of the plate.

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