Jhonny Rodriguez becomes an Athletic

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OF JHONNY RODRIGUEZ 6’2″,170lb, L/L,  July 20, 1996, Mao, DR

Jhonny Rodriguez-OF


Jhonny Rodriguez was first evaluated by DPL scouts 2-years ago in his home town of Valverde Mao. At the time his tools were all below average but he showed projection and a sweet left handed swing. Month’s after the initial evaluation notable trainer and DPL recruiter Fausto “Chiki” Mejia followed Jhonny’s progress, he took him under his wing and trained him in his home town Bonao. As Rodriguez matured he was able to develop his tools and catch up to the game speed of other DPL players. Rodriguez was selected to the DPL All-Star Game and the DPL Elite Travel team. During our Arizona leg of the DPL Spring Training tour, Jhonny hit a 2 run Home Run at the Peoria complex home of the Milwaukee Brewers. He has shown big strides in his development across the board and has shown the ability to make consistent solid contacts in game situation.

Perfect Game report:  PG Grade: 9

Rodriguez is not only one of the youngest prospects on the DPL travel squad, he may be the least mature physically. He looks like a 15-year old freshman, with undefined muscles and a kid’s face. But he’s a particular favorite of the DPL organizers and grows on you as a scout the more you watch him play. The physical run/throw tools have not started to kick in yet, as Rodriguez runs a 7.7 60 and threw 78 mph from the outfield, but everything he does is fundamentally sound and with low effort.

He has a busy hitting approach but gets his hands in very good position to hit when starting his swing and consistently squares up the ball. Because his swing is smooth and you’re looking at a slender 15-year old, his bat speed is deceptive as well. He cracked one line drive in Arizona that registered 98 mph off the barrel, then followed that up with a home run over the 385 foot sign at the Peoria ballpark. That home run might have been his best bolt, as he doesn’t show that type of raw power in BP, but it was still very impressive in context. Rodriguez run/throw tools will definitely have to improve over the next couple of years, and they should, but his best future tool will be his left handed bat.

The Oakland A’s and Jhonny Rodriguez agreed to a contract value of $300,000.00.

Congratulations to the Oakland A’s, Fausto Mejia and the Rodriguez family !


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