DPL alum Gaby Guerrero is ready for the United States

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For more than a decade the Seattle Mariners have been one of the most aggressive organizations in the International market. Signing players the likes of Ichiro, King Felix and Michael Pineda, under the leadership of vice president of international operations Bob Engle they have been among the most effective teams in baseball in finding talent around the world.

Gaby Guerrero-OF Seattle Mariners

But the Mariners have a sprinking of players from some non-traditional baseball places, like Germany (RHP Daniel Thieben), South Africa (RHP Dylan Unsworth and RHP Dylan De Meyer), Netherlands (OF Kalian Sams, LHP Scott Ronnenbergh, RHP Lars Huijer — but no longer, tragically, Greg Halman, murdered during the offseason), El Salvador (LHP Kevin Quintanilla, RHP Danny Cruz), Nicaragua (RHP Erasmo Ramirez, RHP Hector Hidalgo, RHP Jose Validiva), Colombia (RHP Ivan Julio, RHP Jose Torres, IF Diego Mina), Brazil (IF Pedro Okuda, RHP Thyago Viera, IF Felipe Burin), Aruba (IF Reginald Lampe), Curacao (OF Raysheron Michel, IF Gianfranco Wawoe) and U.S. Virgin Islands (OF Jabari Blash, RHP Richard White, by way of Germany). There are also players from Taiwan, South Korea, Cuba, Canada, Mexico and Panama.

Gaby Guerrero (nephew of Wilton and Vladimir Guerrero) is proud to carry on the baseball tradition in the family. Since the start of the 2012 Dominican Summer League season Guerrero has been blazing hot. AB-136, AVG-.338, H-46, 2B-6, 3B-3, HR-9, RBI-36;

Gaby Guerrero during the 2010 DPL season

In an interview with the Dominican Prospect League, Seattle Mariners scouting supervisor Patrick Guerrero says “We signed Gaby after extensive evaluation during his time in the DPL and at our academy. He had some plus tools, size and a lot of upside but was very raw; he was a free swinger with no balance at the plate. Freddy Tiburcio our hitting coach has done a great job with him since Gaby entered the academy. Gaby has toned up his body, changed his approach and he’s even running 4.0-4.1 home to first. With him it’s all about patience, when developing Latin players the organization needs to give these players ample time to adjust, it takes time for these kids to figure it out and thank God Gaby has made quite an adjustment. We hope to have him in the U.S by next week, he may be sent to either PulaskI Mariners-Rookie level or Clinton Lumberkings-Low A, the Arizona Summer League doesn’t seem to be an option”

Wilton Guerrero spoke about Gaby’s recent hot streak. “He’s always had talent but now he is developing into a man and concentrating more, he trained with Vlady and I during the off season, he’s picked up a lot of positive things in his approach and preparation. Seattle Hitting coach Freddy Tiburcio and scouting supervisor Patrick Guerrero have also been influential in his development, it’s been a group effort, he has many baseball people around him. I think he’s mentally and physically ready for the U.S.”.

Guerrero is making an impression in the Mariners organization, enough to get himself to the next level. The Mariners are optimistic that Gaby will continue to develop in his quest to the Big Leagues.

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