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DPL Goals and Staff

Rationale and Goals of the Dominican Prospect League.

The Founders of the DPL believe that part of their responsibility to the game is to contribute to its overall health and protect its future growth potential, especially in Latin American.The process of evaluating and signing top amateur prospects has notoriously been full of issues and the DPL has been created to ensure that the situation improves.

The Goals of the Dominican Prospect League are to:

  • Provide MLB teams with an effective vehicle through which thorough evaluation of baseball talent can be achieved.
  • Develop and prepare Dominican prospects, both physically and mentally, for the responsibilities and demands of playing professional baseball.
  • Improve the quality of instruction given to players by their trainers.
  • Organize the historically fragmented stakeholders of the Latin American Baseball Community (MLB, MLB Teams, Scouts, and Trainers).
  • Repair the image of the entire Dominican Baseball Community, extending ourselves throughout Latin America.

What is DPL?

The Dominican Prospect League seeks to better prepare amateur talent from the Dominican Republic for life as professional baseball players. The DPL focuses on developing the personal, professional, and baseball savvy of these young players. The game format is modeled after the annual “Area Code Games” in California.

The DPL evaluates and recruits more than 100 of the top Dominican amateur players every year from 4 different regions in the country (North, South, East, and Central) to play in a 25-game season, including players from Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Curacao, Cuba, and Panama. Games are played once per week at a different MLB facility in the Dominican Republic. All games are officiated by professional umpires and stats keepers. Rosters vary from week to week, as only the most talented players will be asked to remain in the League.The principle goal of the Dominican Prospect League (DPL) has been to help protect the long-term health and growth of the amateur baseball industry in the Dominican Republic by implementing a new process for evaluating and signing amateur talent on the island and throughout Latin America. In successfully revolutionizing the industry, the DPL has established itself as the premier amateur baseball prospect league in Latin America. In less than 5 years, the DPL has helped over 400 players sign contracts for an aggregate total of approximately US$100,000,000 in contracts. These DPL alumni will undoubtedly become the future stars of Major League Baseball, the Dominican Republic and Latin America.The Dominican Prospect League has been featured in the United States press by Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Major League Baseball, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Baseball America, and HD Net’s Dan Rather reports. The official Dominican Prospect League website ( has had more than 11 million hits from visitors from across the globe.The League is operated by Fundacion Dominican Prospect League, a registered non-profit entity established by the laws of the Dominican Republic.

DPL Overview

The Dominican Prospect League is determined to fix the issues that have plagued the Dominican Republic’s amateur baseball industry.
After many years of scandals and negative publicity, we decided to organize the various factions in the baseball community so that the process of developing, evaluating, and signing amateur baseball talent in the Dominican Republic can work as efficiently as it does in the United States.

Who is DPL?

Brian Mejia

Brian Mejia

Co-Founder /President

Ulises Cabrera

Co-Founder / Vice President

Advisory Board

Manny Acta

former Cleveland Indians and Washington National Manager

DPL Staff

Lindaliz Cabrera

Administration Manager

Breyni Leon

Administrative Assistant

chiki mejia

Fausto “Chiki” Mejia

Senior Recruiter / National

Basilio vizcaino

Basilio “Cachasa” Vizcaino

Senior Recruiter/ Southern Region

lizahio baez

Lizahio Baez

Recruiter Eastern Region/ DPL San Pedro de Macoris

Juan “Quico” Pena

Recruiter Northern Region/ DPL Santiago

Joan Cid

Recruiter & Operations / DPL Puerto Plata

Roberto “Carpe” Morales

Operations / Administration

Jose Aparicio

Operations / Administration

Raulin Lopez

Operations / DPL Boca-Chica Circuit

Christian” Niche”Batista

Senior Recruiter / Santo Domingo

Yovanny “Sabino” Ubiera

Recruiter / Eastern Region

DPL Coaching staff

Carlos “Guillao” Delacruz


Yovanny “Sabino” Ubiera


Felix Guzman


Waldy Sierra


Jonathan Payano


DPL Video Production

Juan Jose Leroy

DPL Video production /Imperial films

Leonardo Gomez

DPL Video production / Imperial films

Cristian Martinez

DPL Video production / Imperial films

Legal Representatives

Sonia Cabrera

Lead Attorney

Jose Antonio Cabrera


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