Felix Taveras Jr., C

Felix Taveras Jr. Position: C     Bats: Left     Throws: Right Date of Birth: 4/8/99     Age: 17 Height: 5’10”     Weight: 180 lbs. Analysis: Felix Taveras Jr., is a left-handed hitting catcher from Miami with a sturdy and durable frame behind the plate. He has some pop to the pull side. Taveras, receives well with relaxed movements and soft hands. Although he was one of the oldest players at the DPL Showcase, he has some ability and promise as a backstop.… Read More

Jhonkensy Noel, 3B

Jhonkensy Noel Position: 3B     Bats: Right     Throws: Right Date of Birth: 6/15/01     Age: 15 Height: 6’1″     Weight: 185 lbs. Analysis: Jhonkensy Noel has a solid frame coupled with a plus arm. He has range that will improve through development and training. Noel shows the ability to make the backhanded play behind the bag and the slow roller down the line. He’s a line drive hitter that has displayed patience at the plate. Noel’s swing stays within the zone long, which allows him to square up the consistently. His size is suitable for 3B, and he’ll continue to grow and stronger.… Read More

Edinson Renteria Jr., 3B

Edinson Renteria Jr. Position: 3B     Bats: Right     Throws: Right Date of Birth: 6/19/01     Age: 15 Height: 6’0″     Weight: 175 lbs. Analysis: Edinson Renteria Jr. is a third basemen that possesses soft hands and a solid glove. He has an athletic 6 ft 175 pound frame that has potential for growth. He displayed a plus arm with a very fluid throwing motion. He shows that he has very good range and his footwork is smooth as well. Renteria also excels at the plate showing his ability to drive the ball to all parts of the field. He makes solid contact and had very good at-bats in the DPL showcase. Edinson is a line drive hitter; power could follow with training and progression.… Read More

Cristopher Echevarria, 3B

Cristopher Echevarria Position: 3B     Bats: Right   Throws: Right Date of Birth: 3/22/01     Age: 15 Height: 6’2″     Weight: 180 lbs. Analysis: Cristopher Echevarria is an athletic-bodied third baseman with projection in his frame to add strength. He demonstrates raw fielding and hitting tools, which will refine as he plays more baseball and matures. Scouts will project on Echevarria’s athleticism and frame, that he will be able to continue to play baseball at a high level as he progresses.… Read More

Hector Lucero, C

Hector Lucero Position: C      Bats: Right     Throws: Right Date of Birth: 4/5/2001     Age: 15 Height: 6’3″     Weight: 190 lbs. Analysis: When you watch Hector Lucero play it gives you a Salvador Perez like-feel.  There were once concerns about Perez outgrowing the catcher position and the same could apply to Lucero who stands at 6’3 190 pounds at only 15-years-old.  However, like Perez and many before him, if he can maintain being a plus defender behind the plate teams will have no choice but to leave him behind the plate.  Lucero’s defensive calling card is his arm strength but he also has good plate blocking ability.  Then you have his offensive ability which is even better than his defense thanks to an advanced approach at the plate, extremely quick hands, and power bat potential. … Read More

Christian Ceballos, C

Yeison Ceballos Position: C      Bats: Right     Throws: Right Date of Birth: 2/20/2001     Age: 15 Height: 5’11”     Weight: 170 lbs. Analysis: Yeison Ceballo is a right-handed hitting catcher who has demonstrated the ability to be an above-average asset both at the plate and behind it.  At the plate, he has quick hands and the ability to drive the ball well to all fields with some pop, which will likely improve as he continues to develop.  Then behind the plate his above-average arm strength, his ability to block and receive the ball and his ability to frame pitches plus his overall feel for the position give him the makeup of a plus defender.… Read More

Enrinque Valdez, MIF

Enrinque Valdez Position: MIF      Bats: Switch     Throws: Right Date of Birth: 5/15/2001     Age: 15 Height: 6’1″     Weight: 155 lbs. Analysis: Enrique Valdez is a left handed hitting middle infielder with a slender frame and live arm. His average speed and frame may eventually make him move off of shortstop, however at only 15, we expect his strength and explosiveness to increase. Demonstrates the ability to generate loft and high volume of contact all over the field. Through refinement of mechanics, we expect Valdez to become a polished middle infielder with feel at the plate.… Read More

Amin Valdez, MIF

Amin Valdez Position: MIF      Bats: Left     Throws: Right Date of Birth: 11/18/2000     Age: 16 Height: 6’0″     Weight: 155 lbs. Analysis: Amin Valdez is a flashy shortstop with a very quick release and soft hands. He generates effortless pop with smooth mechanics. With an immense amount of polish already in his game, he is more advanced than most middle infielders his age and even older. Expect Valdez to make an impact right away in pro ball after he signs in 2017.… Read More