Julio DelaCruz-3B 2012

3B JULIO DELACRUZ- PERFECT GAME REPORT 6-1/190, R/R, 10/5/95, Yamasa, DR Trainer: Luis Polonia PG Grade: 9.5 Delacruz has a combination of a thick, strong core and lower half and a more slender upper half, with long arms for his height. He’s a 6.87 runner with easy defensive actions at third base, very soft hands and plenty of raw arm strength. He’s not as physically talented defender as Joaquin Delacruz (below) at third base, but should be a solid average defender at the position in the future. Offensively, Delacruz has a very good weight shift through contact and uses his hips and lower half very well in generating bat speed. He has a bit of a hand hitch getting his swing started and will get long and loopy at times, especially when looking to pull the ball, but is an advanced hitter who can drive the ball hard to the alleys and occasionally lift the ball out of the park.… Read More

Jhonny Rodriguez-OF 2012

OF JHONNY RODRIGUEZ- PERFECT GAME REPORT 6-2/170, L/L, 7/20/96, Mao, DR Trainer: Fausto Mejia PG Grade: 9 Rodriguez is not only one of the youngest prospects on the DPL travel squad, he may be the least mature physically. He looks like a 15-year old freshman, with undefined muscles and a kid’s face. But he’s a particular favorite of the DPL organizers and grows on you as a scout the more you watch him play. The physical run/throw tools have not started to kick in yet, as Rodriguez runs a 7.7 60 and threw 78 mph from the outfield, but everything he does is fundamentally sound and with low effort. He has a busy hitting approach but gets his hands in very good position to hit when starting his swing and consistently squares up the ball.… Read More

Enmanuel Tapia-OF/1B 2012

OF/1B ENMANUEL TAPIA- PERFECT GAME REPORT 6-2/220, L/L, 2/26/96, Santo Domingo, DR Trainer John Harada PG Grade 8.5 Tapia is an absurdly strong young man, with square shoulders, thick hips and well defined muscles. He has a short swing for his size and the ball comes off the barrel very hard when he squares it up. Tapia starts with his hands low in his swing and raises them up at the last second, which makes his timing frequently late and means most of his solid contact on fastballs to the left side. It also resulted in a couple of good swings against offspeed pitches when he was getting his hands started late. Tapia played some outfield but is a 7.27 runner with marginal arm strength and will likely be limited to first base at the professional level.… Read More

Bienvenido Morales-LHP 2012

LHP BIENVENIDO MORALES- PERFECT GAME REPORT 6-2/170, L/L, 6/26/96, Cibao, DR Trainer: John Harada PG Grade: 9.5 Morales has the familiar 6-food-2, 170-pound loose build for a young Dominican pitching prospect but had a different arm action than his peers. He throws from a compact, quick three-quarters arm stroke that hides the ball well and creates lots of deception on release. Morales doesn’t look like he’s throwing hard but the radar gun said 87-89 mph and that’s very good velocity for a 15-year old southpaw. His breaking stuff was less impressive and it may take lots of work and repetitions to develop consistency with his release point when spinning the ball. He threw both an 80 mph slider and a 73 mph curveball but both were flat and loose.… Read More

Jeancarlos Mejia-RHP 2012

RHP JEANCARLOS MEJIA- PERFECT GAME REPORT 6-2/170, R/R, 8/26/96, Gaspar Hernandez, DR Trainer: Victor Garcia Sued PG Grade: 9 The 15-year old Mejia has a slender, loose body, but has some width in his hips and you can project that he’s going to fill out well and be a pretty good sized athlete. He threw in the 84-86 mph range with a long and loose arm action, and there wasn’t much effort on his release. We didn’t get too good of an overall look at Mejia, but what we saw was very promising.… Read More